What Happens at a Home Sale Closing?

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Are you preparing to sell your Cinnaminson, NJ home? Deciding that it’s time to move to a new home can be difficult, especially if you’ve seen your children grow up in your current home. When you come to terms with the decision that it’s time to move you likely want to know what happens at a home sale closing. Here’s what to expect as the seller of the home when you sit down with the buyers at closing.

Where is Closing Held?

This is one of the most common questions when it comes to selling a home, especially for those selling for the first time. Typically, in South Jersey, the closing is held at the buyer’s title insurance company or Realtor’s office. In North Jersey, the closing is usually held at the buyer’s attorney’s office.

Do I Need to Attend as the Seller?

The buyer is required to attend the closing of a home purchase because they need to sign quite a few documents related to the purchase. On the other hand, the seller is not always required to attend the closing. One reason for this is that the seller might be able to sign all of the documents requiring their signature ahead of time. The most important document the seller must sign is the deed to the property.

It is always best for the seller to personally attend the closing. Everything should be moved out of the house prior to closing. At the settlement table, you can deal with any last minute issues that may arise. Also, it is good to see who will be living in your house.

Should I Have an Attorney with Me?

It’s always a smart idea to have an attorney by your side when it comes to signing a contract. That’s exactly what you are doing when selling your home. You are signing a contract with the buyer. A real estate attorney will have the experience to spot issues in the contract and guide you in the right direction so no mistakes are made. If the contract for sale is prepared by a Realtor, then both sides have the right to have an attorney review the contract within three business days.

Turning Over Keys

Another important part of your job when attending the closing of your home sale is turning over the keys. If you do decide to attend you should bring all the keys to the house, garage door openers, and any other controls that permit access to the house. Once the closing is complete you are no longer the legal owner of the property. This means you must vacate the home immediately and leave it in broom-clean condition for the buyer.

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