What Documents Do You Need to Sell a Home?

It is an exciting time in life when you decide to sell your home for a job relocation, increase in space due to a growing family, or because you are having a custom home built. You can’t let this excitement get in the way of preparing for the sale. In fact, it’s best if you gather all of the required documents needed for the sale of your home before you even list it on the market in Cinnaminson, NJ.

List of Required Documents

The list of required documents is important, but not extensive, so be sure you have every document at the ready before deciding to list your home for sale. The required documents include the following:

  • Current mortgage information
  • Copy of the title report
  • Copy of the home’s deed
  • Recent tax bills
  • Flood insurance policy, if you have that currently
  • Survey reports
  • Copy of lease agreement if home is being rented to someone else
  • Proof the tenant’s security deposit is deposited into a bank account
  • Paperwork for any warranty that passes to the new owner
  • Paperwork for appliance warranties that remain in the home after the sale

The Deed Transfer

After your home is listed on the market in New Jersey and you’ve secured a buyer, you will need to transfer the deed of the home. This process should be done with the help of an experienced real estate attorney. The real estate attorney you work with will prepare the new deed for the home and transfer it to the buyer. The deed is the most important document needed for the sale of the home because it transfers ownership from you to the buyer. The deed with be filed with the county clerk where the home is located and becomes a matter of public record.

Sworn Affidavit of Title

A Sworn Affidavit of Title is an additional legal document that might be necessary. This document is usually required to prove that you do not have any liens on the property you are selling. You will be giving sworn testimony, so be sure you are 100 percent certain there are no liens on your property.

Have questions about the documents you need to sell your home in New Jersey? Contact the law office of Trish Davis, Esquire at 609-829-9204 to schedule an appointment. Ms. Davis is licensed to practice law in Burlington, Camden and Gloucester counties. Selling your home is an important decisions. Make sure you are prepared and have an experienced real estate attorney by your side every step of the way.