Social Media and Divorce: How to Protect Yourself

Social media has become a popular way for people to follow breaking news stories, sporting events, and keep in touch with friends and family. It has also become a hotbed for false information, harassment, and other issues. As good as social media can be, it can also cause people quite a bit of trouble. That trouble can come at the worst times too. Here are some important tips for protecting yourself when using social media while going through a divorce.

Admissible in Court

Did you know that your social media posts can be admissible in court? The same goes for your emails and other digital content. You need to watch what you post on social media when in the midst of a divorce. You never know what your spouse and their attorney will use against you in front of a judge. A single social media post could derail your entire argument in a divorce case.

Financial Situation

When people go through a divorce they typically argue over spousal support payments and how to divide assets. If you are crying poor during divorce proceedings and then posting pictures on social media of vacations with friends, shopping trips, and your new car; you will find yourself in a bad situation. Simply posting these pictures without sharing your financial information can put you on the losing end of this battle.

State of Mind

Believe it or not, your spouse’s lawyer can use your social media posts to discuss your state of mind in court. Do you post a lot of angry or depressing things on social media? This can come back to hurt your chances in a divorce case. It can make more of an impact when discussing child custody with your spouse and their attorney.

New Love Interest

Sharing our lives on social media is commonplace these days. This includes spending time with our kids, friends, family, and our significant others. If you post a picture of your new love interest on social media you better believe that your spouse’s attorney will use it against you in court. Refrain from sharing pictures or information about someone new in your life until well after the divorce has been finalized.

Protect Yourself on Social Media in Divorce

If you are going through a divorce you need to protect yourself on social media. If you cannot live without these sites for the duration of the divorce process then you need to make smart decisions. If at all possible, try to go dark on social media. This is the best advice to give someone going through a divorce.

It’s best not to post pictures of what you are doing on social media. It’s also best to refrain from interacting with those who might be viewed as new love interests when on social media. The less you do on social media when going through a divorce, the less likely it is that a post could be used against you in proceedings.

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