Real Estate

Real Estate | 856-829-9204 | Patricia P. Davis, Attorney at LawI can assist you with the purchase or sale of residential real estate. If a real estate broker is involved, then I can review the Contract for Sale of Real Estate, which is usually prepared by the Realtor. I can make suggestions or terminate the Contract if we are within the three day attorney review period. Most Realtor-prepared residential real estate Contracts for Sale must contain a clause to permit the cancellation of a Contract if it is canceled by an attorney within the prescribed three day time frame. I can attend settlement with you. My level of participation is up to the client.

I can also represent you in the sale or purchase of a “For Sale By Owner.” Generally, a “FSBO” requires more work, so legal fees are generally higher for that. A typical real estate transaction takes about three months, but in this market, it could take much longer.

I can prepare Deeds, Affidavits of Exemption and Seller’s Residency Certifications. Sometimes, one spouse will want to add the other spouse’s name to the Deed. Usually, with a divorce, the opposite event occurs and one wishes to remove the other spouse’s name from the Deed.

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