Preparing for Divorce in New Jersey: Important Steps to Take

Are you considering divorce in Cinnaminson, New Jersey? The process is fairly straightforward, but there’s no guarantee that complications won’t arise along the way. That’s why consulting with an experienced divorce attorney can make your situation as stress-free as possible. Before you actually file the paperwork for divorce there are some important steps you should take.

Examine Your Finances

Your marriage will be treated by the court like it was a financial agreement. There will be times during the divorce process where you will be asked how much your spouse earns, how much you earn, and the amount of debts and assets you hold as a couple. Your divorce will be a smooth one if you prepare all of this information ahead of time.

The documents you can use to provide proof of the marital finances include pay stubs, mortgage statements, credit card statements, tax records and bank records. Copies of these documents should be provided to your Cinnaminson divorce attorney. They will need to be presented at the matrimonial early settlement program, which is required in New Jersey. This is an all-attorney panel that offers suggestions for settlement.

Become Independent

Even though you have yet to file for divorce in Cinnaminson, it’s never too early to become independent. You will need to prepare for life without a spouse and you should do so as soon as possible. Open a credit card in your name only if you don’t have one yet. Just be sure not to charge too much on it prior to the divorce judgment being finalized. In fact, save it for emergencies or for a safety net following the divorce.

If you still have joint accounts open with your spouse it’s time to close them and open an individual account. It’s also a smart idea to open a post office box in your name only. You will be receiving a lot of mail during the divorce, most of which will come from your attorney. You don’t want this information getting into the hands of your soon-to-be ex.

Protect Valuables

There is a distinction in New Jersey regarding marital property and separate property. You will want to protect your valuables prior to filing for divorce, especially the items that you brought into the marriage or received as a gift or inheritance during the marriage. Take pictures of your valuables so there’s proof that these assets exist in the event that they go missing from the marital home during divorce.

Move Towards Filing

Once you have performed all of the above, it’s time to move towards filing for divorce in New Jersey. You should consult with an experienced family law attorney who can help you prepare financial documents and all other paperwork. It’s also important that you meet the residency requirement, which is that you’ve lived in New Jersey for one year prior to filing.

As you move towards filing, a divorce attorney will advise you as to which way you should file. You can file using fault or no-fault grounds. You also have the option of filing on grounds of irreconcilable differences, which cannot be argued by your spouse. If you file using fault, your spouse can contest the divorce, which could prolong the process.

If you are preparing for divorce in Cinnaminson, New Jersey, contact Trish Davis, Esquire today. Ms. Davis can be reached at 856-829-9204 and will gladly answer all of your questions regarding the divorce process.