Preparing for Divorce: Four Things You Shouldn’t Skip

When your spouse approaches you with a discussion centered around divorce you know that their thoughts have been planned. It’s not uncommon for even the most dedicated of marriages to end in divorce. Many couples put on a brave face for family and friends for years before deciding to call it quits. Others simply stick together until their children are adults. It’s also entirely possible for couples to divorce amicably. If you are preparing for divorce here are four things you should not skip.

Always Take Responsibility

You need to take responsibility and ownership of the divorce. This is not just a divorce for the spouse who requested it. The divorce is yours as well. Take control of what is happening. Don’t sit idly as your spouse runs the show and gets what he or she wants.

Take the advice of your Cinnaminson divorce attorney and put it to good use. It’s not out of the ordinary to want to remain in bed all day. Instead, get out and live life. The more you are involved, the better chances you have at a favorable settlement.

Build a Support Network

Even though you won’t be going through the divorce alone when you work with an attorney you still need to build a larger support network. This network should include family and close friends. Try to talk with people who have experienced divorce firsthand. They will be able to provide you with plenty of insight into the process and what to expect emotionally. You should also consider speaking with a therapist about the divorce.

Get Organized

Something you should never skip when preparing for a divorce is getting organized. Going through a divorce without organization can be detrimental to the outcome. When you are unorganized you will have trouble finding the right paperwork required by your attorney. You might also have trouble finding bank statements, tax returns, and pension statements to show proof of income for the division of assets.

When you get organized prior to the divorce you will be able to find things quickly and without much frustration. During a divorce, you will have to make critical decisions regarding your future. This includes decisions about alimony, where you will live, child support and custody of your children. The more organized you are, the better the quality will be when making decisions.

Getting organized for a divorce does not mean you should start negotiating with your spouse prior to getting an attorney involved. This is a very bad idea because you could wind up giving up your rights to something you’d never thought you’d relinquish. It’s always best to get organized and work with an attorney at the same time.

Get Emotions in Check

Divorce is never easy. Even uncontested divorces will show signs of struggle at one point or another. You need to get your emotions in check when going through a divorce or risk suffering emotional breakdowns quite often. This is best done by setting limits for yourself when it comes to speaking with your spouse, seeing a therapist, enjoying stress-relieving activities and taking time for yourself.

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