Important Topics to Discuss With Your Divorce Attorney

Dealing with the thought of divorce is never easy. It is an emotional time in anyone’s life that can leave lasting effects if not handled properly. You don’t want to go through the entire divorce process and all the emotions it brings only to realize that you should’ve handled it better. That’s why you should have a checklist ready that consists of topics to discuss with your New Jersey divorce attorney.


One of the first things you should talk about with your divorce attorney is your children. You need to provide the attorney with as much information about their lives as possible. This includes any of the following:

  • Where they go to school
  • After school activities
  • Special needs
  • College plans
  • Relationship of child with each parent
  • If college tuition has been discussed
  • If the child has a juvenile record
  • If either parent plans to move out of state
  • Medical conditions of the child
  • If the child has any disabilities
  • How involved the parents are in making decisions regarding the children

Employment and Income Level

Once you discuss your children you need to provide the divorce attorney with information regarding your employment and income level. You should also provide the attorney the same information about your spouse. This information will help the attorney determine what level of spousal support, child support, and other maintenance should be requested in the divorce. Provide the attorney with your job, employer, level of experience, other skills, degrees, and income for the past couple of years.

Divorce Timing

It’s a good idea to discuss the timing of the divorce with your attorney. The attorney won’t be able to put a definitive timeframe on the divorce but will be able to give you a roundabout idea based on their experience handling cases similar to yours. Based on the information you provide, the attorney might be able to tell you how long the discovery process will last, how many court appearances will be needed, and if you have a chance of coming to an agreement via mediation or negotiation.

Debts and Assets

Your Cinnaminson divorce attorney will need to know your overall financial situation prior to divorce. This includes providing information about your debts and assets. A large amount of time spent litigating a divorce involves dividing the couple’s debts and assets. You should let the attorney know the following:

  • If any debts or assets were brought into the marriage by one or both spouses
  • If an education savings account is active for any children
  • If either spouse has retirement accounts
  • If the couple owns real estate
  • If the couple holds equity in any property
  • A list of current assets and debts held by the couple jointly and individually

You need to be as open and honest with your divorce attorney as possible when it comes to discussing the topics outlined here. Don’t leave out any information, no matter how small, as your divorce attorney might be able to use it to your advantage when litigating the divorce.

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