Important Conversations to Have Prior to Saying “I Do”

If you’ve recently gotten engaged, you’re likely right in the middle of the planning phase for your wedding. Once you book a date, the planning takes off from there. Many couples put blinders on when planning the big day, focusing only on the flowers, the music, the dress, the tuxes, the limousines and plenty other items. One thing that every couple should do before saying “I do” is discussing a host of important topics.

Raising Children

The topic of having children is one of the most important engaged couples must have prior to saying “I do.” Aside from discussing if you want children, you also need to discuss how the children will be raised and disciplined. It’s alright if the two of you disagree right now on the number of children you wish to have. That’s something that is usually determined after the first child is born or adopted. You should also talk about the possibility of adoption if you cannot physically have children.

The Finances

One of the most common fights among couples is money. Money arguments can become so heated that they can lead to divorce. This is an argument that happens between newlywed married couples and couples who have been married for decades. Money does not discriminate. That’s why you must discuss how financial problems will be handled, who will work if money will be pooled or kept in separate accounts and how you will save for retirement.

Religious Beliefs

Children are taught at a young age never to discuss politics, religion, or money with others. Adults are now being taught the opposite. It’s important to discuss religion with your future spouse. Finding out now how religious he or she really is can save you a lot of heartache and arguments, especially when it comes to raising children. You might not care about this topic right now, but it will eventually come up at some point during the marriage.

The Family Dynamics

It’s highly likely that the two of you came from very different upbringings. There might be some comparisons between your two families, but there’s likely a lot more differences between the two. Prior to getting married, you should discuss how the family dynamics will play out once the vows are said. A common argument among married couples is how much time should be spent with family and how much information family members should know. It’s best to get on the same page prior to marriage, especially if you will be having children.

Views on Marriage

The views on marriage should also be discussed prior to saying your vows. Not everyone views marriage in the same light. For example, your soon-to-be husband might want you to stop working when you have children, taking care of them and the home. This might not be your idea of marriage. Now more than ever more dads are staying home. Is this something that could be possible in your marriage? Sit down with your future spouse so both of you can explain your views on marriage.

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