How to Handle the Emotions of Divorce

Divorce is a major life event that many people dread. Even those who know divorce is imminent can still struggle with the fact that their marriage is coming to an end. There’s only so much you will be able to take when going through a divorce, which is why your emotions will play a big role in your life.

There will be times when you feel as if you can no longer proceed. There will be times when you will want to give up and let your spouse have everything. You need to know how to handle the emotions of divorce in order to come out of it stronger than before and in a good financial situation.

Recognize Your Danger Zone

When going through a divorce it is best to recognize your danger zone. A danger zone is a trigger that sets you off emotionally. It can throw you into a fit of rage, anger, fear, and sadness. When you are able to recognize your danger zone you will be able to control your emotions and even prevent yourself from getting into situations that could cause the trigger to activate.

Avoid Your Divorce Story

You need to avoid your divorce story as much as possible, especially if it is a sad one. This is easier said than done for most, but it is important to your health, both physical and emotional. It can be very easy to sit around all day, alone, and go over your divorce story in your head. The worse you will feel the more often you go over your story. Going over the story will not change what happened.

Take Care of Yourself

Fighting through a divorce is just that, a fight. You must take care of yourself both mentally and physically. This includes exercising, eating right, getting plenty of sleep and even seeing a therapist to discuss your situation. Go to the hairdresser every couple of weeks. Get a message. Go for a swim. Take your children to the park. Do things for yourself every now and then to relieve the stress and the anger.

Create Boundaries

Anyone going through a divorce needs to create boundaries. These boundaries will go a long way towards relieving your stress and limiting the emotions you will experience. When you draw a line in the sand you need to do so for issues that you know will upset you if you cross that line. If you become enraged each time you speak with your former spouse, it’s best to set up a boundary as to what issues absolutely need to be discussed and which ones can be left alone.

Seek Help

It is never a good idea to go through a divorce by yourself. Build a network of support that can help you handle your emotions and get through this difficult time in life. The network should include family, friends, a therapist and anyone else you believe can help you move forward.

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