Four Signs That Show It Might be Time for a Divorce

Divorce can be one of the most painful experiences a person can go through during their lifetime. Even the spouse who decides it’s time for a divorce will experience pain, stress, anger, resentment and plenty of other emotions. If you have been having trouble in your marriage, the following four signs can be an indicator that it might be time for a divorce in New Jersey.

You Are Tight-Lipped with Your Spouse

A common sign that divorce could be in your future is that you have become tight-lipped with your spouse. You no longer speak to your spouse about issues at work, school, or within the marriage. The reason for this could be that you’re worried what your spouse will say during the conversation or how he or she will react to what you want to discuss. Another reason could be that you simply don’t want or need the input of your spouse anymore. The lack of communication in a marriage is one of the biggest signs that there are serious problems.

You Spend Less Time Together

It’s understandable that couples like to spend time alone or do things without their spouses during the marriage, but couples that rarely spend time together could be in quite a bit of trouble. You likely don’t eat dinner together, don’t sit on the couch together, don’t run errands together or don’t socialize together. Couples with divorce in their future will have trouble finding time to spend with each other. They might also find it forced when going out together as a couple with other couples or friends.

Mutual Respect is Lacking

When the mutual respect that is normally found in a marriage is lacking, it could be a sign that you might be headed for a divorce. The most common way respect leaves the marriage is when the spouses make minor complaints about each other. These minor complaints tend to morph into more serious arguments and issues. They can start small, like one spouse complaining that the other never helps with the laundry. It can then morph into one spouse outright complaining about the habits of the other, even using hurtful words. If the respect is gone from the marriage, the spouses will have trouble loving each other.

Disagreement about Children

One of the most important conversations you should have prior to saying “I do” involves children. You need to find out where your future spouse stands on having or adopting children. If both of you agree on children prior to the marriage, a change in this stance during the marriage could be a dealbreaker. Many divorces occur because one spouse changes their mind about having or adopting children as part of the relationship. It’s also important to note that you should never try to persuade your spouse into having children. This can lead to a lifetime of resentment and unhappiness.

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