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FEE SCHEDULE (effective October 1, 2017)

All fees are subject to change without notice. This page is provided to give you a general idea of my fees and does not constitute a binding fee contract.


Divorce retainer $2,000. A “retainer” is money paid up front, which is deposited into my Attorney Trust Account until earned. $200/hour. Filing fee $300.

Parent Education class $25 (mandated by state if you have minor children)

Friendly divorce with both sides cooperating. $1,200 retainer. $200/hour.

Free initial divorce consultation (30-45 minutes)

Office consultations (other than divorce) $200/hour

Consent Order $200 flat fee

Court appearance (no paperwork to file) $400-$600 retainer

File motion $850 retainer. $200/hour. $50 filing fee.

Property Settlement Agreement or Prenuptial Agreement $700 flat fee, assuming reasonable number of changes

Uncontested Step-parent adoption $800 + out-of-pocket costs. $1000 retainer.


Review Contract for Sale $150 flat fee.

Real estate letter to terminate Contract for Sale under the Three Day Attorney Review Clause $100 + out-of-pocket costs

Represent client in real estate transaction with Realtor $500-$900

Represent client in real estate transaction without Realtor $600-$1,200

Prepare Deed, Affidavit of Exemption & Seller’s Residency Certification $145 + filing fee (the filing fee is usually $80 or more).


Simple (outright distribution) Will $200

Living Will $50

Durable Power of Attorney $50

Probate $200/hour


Adult $650 + out-of-pocket costs (estimated $475). Need a retainer of $700. Pay balance at end.

Child $800 + out-of-pocket costs (estimated $500). MUST SERVE BOTH BIRTH PARENTS, SO NEED MAILING ADDRESSES FOR BOTH.

Need a retainer of $800. Pay balance at end.

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