What to Expect During Divorce Proceedings

Hearing your spouse utter the word “divorce” can cause a flight of emotions to run over you even if you were expecting this day to come. Couples that know divorce is their only option might also struggle with the fact that they are moving forward and actually filing. Even still, the emotions of the divorce process can be overwhelming to the point where you need to know what to expect from start to finish in order to deal with them appropriately.

The Length of a Divorce

If you want to know an exact timeframe for the divorce process you are going to be disappointed with the answer a Cinnaminson divorce attorney will give you. There is no set timeframe. The divorce process takes as long as you or your spouse allows it. If the two of you can come to some sort of agreement, the divorce should not take long to finalize. If it becomes contested, the process can last two years or more due to waiting times with the court.

Understanding Marital Property

You should have a strong understanding of marital property if you are divorcing. Marital property refers to all of the property obtained during the life of the marriage. There are two exceptions; inheritance and gifts received during the marriage. These items remain as individual property. If you own any nonmarital property with your spouse, and both names are listed, this property could wind up being presumed as marital property.

The Financial Cost of Divorce

The emotional cost of divorce is quite high. The financial cost of divorce can be even higher if you and your spouse are not committed to resolving issues in a timely fashion. Lawyer fees, court fees, and other finances involved in a divorce can climb the longer you argue over items such as child custody, spousal support, the division of property and other items.

Access to Mediation

Make sure you know that there is always access to mediation available when going through a divorce. This process involves meeting with a neutral third party trained in mediation tactics.


Discovery is the process of exchanging information during divorce. This can either be done via investigations into contested items or simply by both parties agreeing to exchange all of the documents and information they have. If the parties agree to mutual discovery they will find that the divorce will go much smoother than having to wait for an investigation to take place.

Receiving Emotional Support

One of the best things you can do for yourself during divorce is to seek emotional support. This can come from family members, friends, or a therapist. Divorce is an emotional time and one that you should never navigate alone. You will want to surround yourself with love and support as much as possible.

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